Golf club controller adapter | Quest 2 | Quest 3 | PSVR2


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Standalone Golf controller holder for Quest 2, Quest Pro, Quest 3, and PSVR2.



    FOR QUEST VERSION (1, 2, 3, and Pro)

    G2 version - Compatible with ProGrip 2.0 and 1/4" threaded pipe/shaft with 35/64" outer diameter. (Discontinued)

    S1 version - Compatible with ProSwing S1 and 39/64" diameter flushed pipe. (Discontinued)

    S2 version - Compatible with ProSwing S2 with 1/4 pipe with 35/64" outer diameter flushed pipe. (Not compatible with Proswing 2.0) (Discontinued)

    S3 Version - Compatible with ProSwing 2.0 Ambidextrous to R/L hand controllers, and compatible with Rift S, Quest 1, Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Quest 3. (Requires some additional assembly to remove existing thread on shaft)

    Meta Quest ProSwing adapter:

    For ProSwing adapter replacement, please choose S1, S2, or S3 (See model number in your cup)

    Sony PSVR2 ProSwing adapter:

    PSVR2 adapter is only available in R-hand version

    PSVR2 also comes in standard and Grip-to-Putt version (trigger to activate grip button for games like Walkabout Mini Golf and Golf+)


    Controller holder includes:

    • 1x Golf controller holder adapter¬†
    What is included?

    1x Golf controller holder adapter


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    Customer Reviews

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    brad martin
    Great attachment!

    I use this to make my own clubs and it fits perfectly on the tubes I use.

    Sherilyn Thomas
    Ordering mishap

    I ended up purchasing the wrong one! It is,a little complicated so my suggestion is to put a picture beside the explanation?

    Thank you for the feedback! We will take that into consideration as we streamline the process and our product offerings.

    YurtyJones (Quest 2 player name, all games)
    Golf Club Controller Adapter for Meta Quest 2 (#2)

    There is a good reason for the #2 in the Title, I will get to that soon. This was a no brainer to start with for me people, as I have a bag full of two sets worth of Tommy Armour woods and irons in my garage, then the prices of the fully built controller adapter clubs are mostly over priced to me, so I immediately decided to build my own, once I came across this on the net.

    Keep in mind to build this yourself (I hate to be a salesperson for HelloReal but....) you really are going to need another item from the site to complete this home built adapter, it is the "ProWeight for Golf." I would not bypass or save money on this, I mean for around $20 to $25 you are going to have an awesome, great feeling, golf club adapter, if you have the magic element of course, an old club with a grip in pretty good shape laying around collecting dust at your home. One last thing though, the #2 in the title, my most recent purchase is my second adapter from HelloReal, cause the first one broke. This was no fault of the manufacturer, but was the fault of a new Quest 2 owner not getting enough space around them to play games properly. I whacked a driver towards the ball one day and in reality hit the side of my TV stand/cabinet with the controller and adapter, the adapter then broke in two. I don't think it is any secret this adapter is 3D printed, but what I hope you never have to find out personally is the inside is a nice mesh of filament and seems to be very strong and more than anything shock absorbing, and it probably saved my ($75 for a replacement) right controller, as it just tumbled slowly into the floor and did not go too far, as far as I could tell, as I tore the headset off very quickly after the loud whack. I am not sure if this was the desire of HelloReal, but it is my opinion that in a case like that, it's structure can absorb plenty of shock and save your $75 part with a $12 one. Thanks HelloReal, you all are great.

    Guy DeFazio

    Easy to install, works perfectly. Thanks for quick shipping!