SnowFox - ProSlide accessory


ProSlide is one of a kind adjustable weight VR pistol slide. It pushes the boundary further by allowing users to customize their own weight and balance. Similar to V2's trigger systems, it's all about providing choices to the gamers. Every person is made uniquely with their own personal preference, why should they settle for a one size fits all solution?

Using easily accessible coin currency, the ProSlide allows adjustable weight and balance. A fully loaded ProSlide is almost 200% the weight of SnowFox V2, and the heaviest VR pistol in the market.

ProSlide features:

  • One of a kind adjustable weight & balance system (coins not included)
  • Full compatibility with SnowFox V1 and V2 pistol grips
  • Slide lock feature and matching muzzle color.
  • Increased clearance for buttons/analog stick accessibility.


  • This is the standalone ProSlide part. (without grip or triggers)
  • The ProSlide is symmetrical by design so it works with R hand/L Hand pistol grip. 
  • Coins are not included (Each ProSlide has a max capacity of 12 US quarters)
  • International currency versions are available. 

Buy more, Save more:

We want to save you money! So we are offering a discount if you buy a set(both hands), and shipping will be cheaper too!


- These are produced with hard plastics. However, leaving them out in extreme weather conditions such as intense heat may cause deformation in parts.
- Play responsibly and watch your play surroundings; we are not responsible for potential injuries or property damage should the attachments fly out of your hands during intense sessions.
- These are VR entertainment-based pistols. It is not advisable to perform or utilize in front of law enforcement or the general public without any consent.

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