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Realistic Weight | Natural Putter Grip | Grip-to-Putt

Official Walkabout Grip-to-Putter II for Meta Quest 2, Pro, Quest 3 and PSVR2


‚ÄĘ Limited edition custom-designed Walkabout grip.
‚ÄĘ Native Grip-To-Putt integration feature
‚ÄĘ HelloReal Putter Preset for Walkabout Mini Golf.
‚ÄĘ Realistically weighted and natural feeling putter grip.



The perfect companion and the best way to play Walkabout Mini Golf.

With demand for the 1st edition Walkabout Grip-to-Putter more than tripling expectations, we’re super excited to announce the brand new Grip-to-Putter II! This brings together the accuracy and realism of a weighted physical putter shaft with the impossibly good grip-to-putt setting in the ultimate VR mini golf experience: Walkabout Mini Golf. Enjoy the pro-feel of a custom-designed controller attachment without compromising on the grip-to-putt settings that keep your ball in play and prevent unintentional putts!

A collaboration between HelloReal and Mighty Coconut, the Walkabout Grip-to-Putter features an integrated, adjustable hardware trigger, in-game presets, and a special cosmetic in Walkabout Mini Golf.

*Grip-to-Putters is expected to ship in early December.

      Grip-To-Putter II Features:

      • Limited edition and one-of-a-kind Walkabout branded grip
      • Unique self-tensioning lanyard twist-lock¬†design
      • Patent-pending putter grip with inverted mesh texture that wicks moisture.
      • Realistic weighted with the natural feel of the real-life¬†putter.
      • The ambidextrous adapter (Quest and Quest 3 versions) is compatible with right and left-handed controllers.
      • Hot-swappable system to switch out different grips and adapters in seconds
      • Dedicated preset in¬†Walkabout Mini Golf¬†for the ultimate putting experience.
      • Unique in-game and themed cosmetic unlockables for Grip-to-Putter.
      • Quest adapter is compatible with Rift S, Quest 1, Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro. (Select Quest 3 version for full compatibility)
      • PSVR2 adapter available. (For R hand controller)
      • Quest 3 Grip-to-Putt features works R-hand only



       Walkabout Mini Golf Grip to putter



      ‚ÄĘ Grip-To-Putter total weight at 500+ grams
      ‚ÄĘ Meta Quest adapter (GTP) includes the Grip-to-Putt module
      ‚ÄĘ PSVR2 adapter is 3D printed with impact-resistant hard plastic.

      What is included?

      ‚ÄĘ Grip-To-Putter with real and limited edition putter grip
      ‚ÄĘ Pre-assembled weight add-on (500+ grams total weight)
      ‚ÄĘ Pre-assembled Grip-to-Putt add-on
      ‚ÄĘ Golf balls not included!


      ‚ÄĘ Please play responsibly, read the instructions, follow the safety tips, and watch your play surroundings.
      ‚ÄĘ It is recommended that the ProSwing adapter should be used with the OEM original lanyard that comes with Meta Quest controllers for best security.
      ‚ÄĘ We are not responsible for any injuries or property damage should the attachments detach from the attachment due to reckless play.
      ‚ÄĘ PSVR2 adapter is 3D printed with impact-resistant hard plastic.

      Grip-to-putter NEWS

      Android Central

      "I never thought VR golfing on Quest could feel this real."


      "Grip-to-Putter will allow you to have a better experience than the one you would have at your country club or in your rich friend’s garage"


      "We can say with confidence that the Grip-to-Putter is an excellent accessory for any self-proclaimed VR golfing aficionado."


      "Genuinely great product from a colab of two clearly very talented entities "

      - InnerPrincess VR

      "No more accidental hits!"

      - VRVal Gaming

      "It's like using a cheat code with this putter"

      - CowTown

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 23 reviews
      Jim Bartlett
      Great Addition to the Awesome Walkabout Mini Golf Experience!

      I have a Meta Quest 3. This grip adds the perfect amount of weight and, when in game, it looks and feels like you have an actual putter in your hand. If you love, Walkabout Mini Golf, you need this.


      I think it’s a great product

      David Beaudoin
      Elevates your Walkabout Mini Golf experience

      The Grip-to-Putter II makes playing the game feel like you’re at your favorite local putt putt course. The feel of the grip has helped to improve my scores because now I can take proper swings like I were holding an actual putter. Easily one of the best controller shells/accessories I’ve ever bought.


      I love using it. I wish there had been better instructions on how to set it up.


      They could respond to my emails and they would not let me return it

      Cory Swanson

      Look, you're asking yourself if dropping a bunch of money on a silly handle for VR minigolf is worth it? Absolutely! This thing is AWESOME. Not only does the grip look cool, it feels great and gives both hands a place to land. There's a nice weight to device and it just makes Walkabout even more fun! The only thing I would caution you: your friends might get sick of you extolling the virtues of this thing while you play. The grip to put functionality works well, the tracking works without issues, and I am very happy with my purchase. For the quest 3 model I bought, you can only use the right handed controller if you want access to grip to putt, but even as a lefty it tracks perfectly!