Take aim and hit higher scores with a customizable, weighted VR pistol

SnowFox Pro / Meta Quest 2

$42.00 $45.00

• Adjustable weight customization system
• Quick release slide lock
• Swappable trigger System
• 200% weight increase when fully loaded
• Enhanced aim accuracy with true pistol weight ratio


Customizable weight and two textured triggers - for true aim accuracy and elite performance.



  • One-of-the-kind adjustable weight system.
  • SLIDE LOCK - One-of-a-kind locking mechanism to secure the slide and easily released. (No screws or extra pieces go missing!)
  • TRIGGER - Textured trigger design for additional immersion. (Includes 2 types of triggers with different feel with the package)
  • Six color styles
  • Almost 200% weight increase from SnowFox V2 (Fully loaded)
  • True aim accuracy - designed to improve your in-gaming aiming
  • Full buttons access! (Unlike other VR Pistols, no need for fasteners, beaver tail or out of place notch to secure it. No longer have to choose between functionality and aesthetics)
  • Wrist strap friendly


Coins System for each region

USA UK Canada Australia
 Quarters 10 Pence 25 cents 10 cents

Buy more, Save more:

We want to save you money! So we are offering a discount if you buy a set(both hands), and shipping will be cheaper too!

Already own a SnowFox pistol?

ProSlide is fully compatible with SnowFox V1 and V2 pistol grips! We also offer standalone ProSlide for existing proud owners. 



Load coins into the ProSlide weight system to achieve your ideal pistol weight. Our innovative and flexible weighting system works with your local currency - and can transform your SnowFox Pro into the heaviest VR pistol on the market.

You can enjoy the action, confident that your controller’s secure - thanks to our unique, slide lock system.

• The ProSlide is symmetrical by design so it works with R hand/L Hand pistol grip.
• Coins are not included (Each ProSlide has a max capacity of 12 coins/slide)
• SnowFox Pro International versions are here! Compatible with UK, Canada & Australia regions!

What is included?

• ProSlide with adjustable weight and balance system(Coins not included)
• SnowFox V2 pistol Grip


For SnowFox Pro, V2, and Frost Talon 45(FT45) 



Tutorial and Tips

Coming Soon



- These are 3D printed hard plastics, leaving them out in extreme weather conditions such as intense heat may cause deformation in parts.
- Play responsibly and watch your play surroundings; we are not responsible for potential injuries or property damage should the attachments fly out of your hands during intense sessions.
- These are VR entertainment-based pistols. It is not advisable to perform or utilize in front of law enforcement or the general public without any consent.
- When traveling, please be sure to store these attachments in luggage to check in. Traveling as a carry-on is not advisable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Massively disappointing

Extremely disappointing to be honest, Feels like you're Damaging the controller forcing it into the Stock, Feels flimsy placing together for the money I expected alot better. I wouldn't personally recommend this item but that's me.

Bang on!

These SnowFox pistols fit your controllers like a GLOVE! The build is quality, functional and easily adjustable. Transitioning from game ready to tear down is a breeze and would definitely recommend purchasing for those looking for a more authentic FPS experience. I’m looking forward to seeing future products from the company.


Really great build I love it

Craig M

insane quality 👌 detail is great approx 12 quarters and the weight is awesome..thank you !! Bought twice and my left hand is on its way,the immersion is real, people! A must-have especially for anyone who has legally had experience with a handgun 🔫 incredible in all VR shooting games All of them !! They should sell these in Oculus store!!

Samson Egilman
Insane customer support

Feels absolutely great. I struggled to install the trigger and reached out. They got in touch with me within minutes!? Provided me with a picture tutorial and BOOM, I was ready for some immersive gaming.
Highly recommend the product and the seller!

I'm in love!

Love, love, LOVE my SnowfoxPro! All the heart-eyes emojis. This thing is high quality, very well constructed. So many little details that make this pistol grip stand out above other brands, like the textured grip and finger grooves for a better hold, and the fact that you can fully customize the weight by adding as few or as many coins as you like. (I keep mine fully loaded.) These little features make it feel almost like the real deal. A few people have complained about the grip texture being too rough. If you've ever held a real pistol, they are also very rough. It helps you keep a firm hold so it doesn't fly out of your hands. ; ) Very easy to assemble and disassemble when you need to get your controller in and out, but feels very secure, no worries about the controller coming loose while playing. Comes with two trigger options as well! Have been playing Pistol Whip with this, and I feel like a total bad@$$! It makes it so much more immersive, feels like your shooting with a pistol instead of a VR controller, and the extra weight makes for a really good arm workout. Definitely worth the extra investment over some cheaper options out there!

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