Hit hole-in-ones with the feel of a realistic golf club in your hands

ProSwing Golf 2.0 VR Golf handle / Quest 2, Quest 3, Quest Pro and PSVR2

$30.00 $50.00

• Competition-level and authentic molded golf grip.
• Universal and ambidextrous Quest adapter
• Patented grip design that wicks moisture and provides superior friction.
• Golf Presets for Golf+ and exVRience Golf Club.
• Additional mass and realism with ProSwing 500g+ total weight.

Product is available to purchase from our approved reseller.

Composite shaft and professional grip - for better swings and enhanced feel.

You can relax and enjoy each game, confident that your controller’s secure - thanks to our unique, self-tensioning fidget lock system.

Superior Grip Design with Inverted Mesh Texture Technology

Inspired by biomimicry, our revolutionary patent-pending Inverted Mesh texture mimics the foot of a Gecko to provide superior grip traction. The surface projections act to automatically lighten grip pressure by increasing the surface area of the grip. The channels between the dimples conveniently wick moisture from the hands. The Inverted Mesh texture also concentrates the feel of your shots into smaller points on the grip to effectively enhance tactile feedback.

✅ Superior tackiness   ✅ Reduces grip pressure

✅ Wicks moisture       ✅ Enhances tactile feedback





Quest 3 compatibility

For full compatibility with Quest 3, please choose the "Meta Quest with Quest 3 compatibility" version.

Note: Grip-to-Putt is only available for R hand in Quest 3 version.


✅ UNIVERSAL and ambidextrous Quest adapter compatible with Rift S, Quest 1, Quest 2, and Quest Pro! (R + L controller)
✅ Improved 2.0 controller cup with unique self-tensioning fidget lock design using lanyard (OEM lanyard is recommended)
✅ Professional molded grip handle with patent-pending inverted mesh texture.
✅ Realistic weight and balance with the natural feel of the real-life golf club.
✅ Hot-swappable system to switch out different grips in seconds
✅ ProSwing Plus with ProWeight add-on for maximum immersion (500+ grams total weight)
✅ Grip-to-Putt upgrade - Use the grip button without removing hand from grip handle
✅ Quest Ready - Compatible with Quest 1, 2, and Pro (Quest 3 compatibility coming soon via an adapter)
✅ PSVR2 version (R hand only) is available
✅ Game presets for Walkabout Mini Golf, Golf+ and exVRience Golf Club

What is included?

• ProSwing real regulation grip attachment with fidget lock system.
ProWeight add-on (500+ grams total weight)

What's Grip-to-Putt

It's an add-on accessory that enables the use of grip button on controller.

It's perfect for "Grip-to-Putt feature in Walkabout as well as Contours visibility in Golf+.

We also offer separate kit for current ProSwing owners.


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• Please play responsibly, read the instructions, follow the safety tips, and watch your play surroundings.
• It is recommended that the ProSwing adapter should be used with the OEM original lanyard that comes with Meta Quest controllers for best security.
• We are not responsible for any injuries or property damage should the attachments detach from the attachment due to reckless play.
• PSVR2 is made with high-quality 3D printed parts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews

This thing is rad. Feels so much like the real thing and really enhances the experience. The in-game setting to adjust the offset works flawlessly so setup is super easy.

Mitchell Powell
Meta Quest 3 Golf

Great product. Feels like playing real golf. It’s crazy. Best add-on ever.

Gary Tomlinson
Proswing Golf Rocks!!

This attachment is really well made and is totally fit for purpose. The controller is 100% secure in the cradle once the lanyard has been properly fastened.

It's transformed my enjoyment of Golf+.

The only downside is I would like to be able to remove the weight for Walkabout minigolf but if I do, there's no way to fix the handle back onto the cradle. But it's a minor issue

Anthony Welden
Take your game to the next level!

The game Walkabout Golf is great but with the HelloReal Proswing VR Golf Handle it’s absolutely AMAZING! The pro swing Golf handle adds a level of immersiveness that takes the game to the next level… once you’ve used you won’t be able to go back

Jared Acker
Love It!

Really enjoy how the ProSwing Golf 2.0 handle gives the real feel of a true weighted gold club to the game. I have had other handles that failed due to weak points in the 3D printing design. I now own two of these handles, one for my wife and one for myself. Highly recommend this product.

Derrick M Nielsen
worth it

this thing is sweet. wasnt sure when i made the purchase but the controller aint going anywhere even at a full swing.