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Only meets a part of my need.

As per previous review, putting is an issue so I have changed to 3 star rating. If the config file that is in Golf+ is updated then maybe it would deservve 4-5 stars.

We are sorry to hear about your issue David. We worked with Golf+ for the preset so this is a software bug. We will reach out and work with Golf+ to troubleshoot this and keep you informed.

Good, but ..,

These are very strong and comfortable, but they are to thick to fit in the pro-grip.

Thank you for the feedback! It appears you bought the wrist lanyard which is designed for securing over the wrist. For ProGrip and ProSwing, we'd suggest using the standard Meta Quest 2 lanyard.

Just as advertised

This grip has a nice weight and is very easy to put on and take off the controller.

Quest Pro Controller Grips

I had previously purchased some generic controller covers but had to roll the covers back off of the top of the controller every time I had to charge them. But with the Hello Real Controller Covers, I can actually charge my controllers without having to roll the covers back any more!! These controller covers feel good, grip easily and you can't drop or throw them while playing. Thank you Hello Real for the great work!

Best yet. Holds tight!

I tried one of the other locking clubs. The controller fell out on playing Walkabout mini golf 3 times. I was afraid to use it with regular golf. I was skeptical when I opened it. Boy was I surprised. This thing doesn't budge. I use it with Golf + without any concerns.

New level of immersion

Takes VR golf to the next level of immersion! Highly recommended for lovers of VR golf games.

Well made, great fit, works with charger

I love these grips! They are very well made and fit the Quest Pro controllers perfectly. The material is very grippy and feels great in the hand. There is a large cutout around the charging pins that enables the controllers to charge on the dock just as easily as without covers.

These are a must-have accessory for the Quest Pro.

Feel and work great

These are the third grips I have tried on the Pro. They are the ONLY ones I've used that allow for charging the controllers on the dock and don't interfere w tracking while I am climbing in Population:One. Good job.

Works as described

It's fun to use.


There is no haptic response built in to this unit. Just a mock tennis racket handle. That isn’t particularly clear from the advertisement. Also, the swing weight is exceptionally heavy for a tennis racket, which is primarily due to the Meta controller’s weight but also due to the positioning distance of the controller from the handle. It’s fine for a video game but if you are looking for a virtual tennis training tool there are multiple simulation rackets for the Quest 2 at this price point with better weight and balance as well as haptic response. We bought two to use with VR tennis simulation and never unpacked the second one from the box.


I love it! There is slight move on the pin where the racket connects to it’s bar that slightly moves when I move the racket, but it’s not a big deal.
Overall, very happy with it.

Massively disappointing

Extremely disappointing to be honest, Feels like you're Damaging the controller forcing it into the Stock, Feels flimsy placing together for the money I expected alot better. I wouldn't personally recommend this item but that's me.

Must have for tennis in VR

This has become one of my most useful accessories! The problem is that once you use it, you can’t NOT use it for tennis games. Definitely worth the money, well made and not just some cheap white label product. Legit feels like holding a tennis racket! YouTube video placeholder
Works Great!

Great look and feel to the club. Easy to take on/off with my Quest controller. Works and calibrates nicely with the new Walkabout update that supports the attachments now as well. Highly recommend!

OK Buy

The material quality is kinda rough, like it needed to be sanded down. The grip was also too big to be comfortable. I probably won't use this.

Must have one

I give four stars because it 's lacking of preset from the developer when you play a tennis with quest 2. I am still waiting for the preset configuration from the developer. But you still can play tennis with your own manual setting in the game. Hopefully they have that preset build in the game back again.

Hi D, the game developer is patching up some bugs so the preset is temporarily unavailable. Unfortunately this is out of our hands but we are ensured that the next update will come with the preset so stay tuned.

Feels like the real thing!

Love my ProSwing Tennis! Looks and feels so nice. I played some First Person Tennis with it and it really felt like I was playing with a real tennis racket instead of just my tiny Quest 2 controller.
The top piece is now right and left controller compatible, which means you don't have to specify at checkout and everyone can share!
The fidget lock system was already amazing but has been improved and is so smooth.
And the new QuickSwap system is brilliant! You can quickly unscrew the handle part of the attachment and swap it out with future attachments that will be compatible. YouTube video placeholder

It feels like my real racket

Bang on!

These SnowFox pistols fit your controllers like a GLOVE! The build is quality, functional and easily adjustable. Transitioning from game ready to tear down is a breeze and would definitely recommend purchasing for those looking for a more authentic FPS experience. I’m looking forward to seeing future products from the company.

Great product!

I am fairly new to VR, but as soon as I told someone I was playing golf, they said get a ProSwing. When I ordered it said it was on backorder and I was willing to wait, but it actually showed up fairly quickly. The quality is awesome. The instructions on how to secure the lanyard is a tad confusing, but I found a video that helped, although I had to dig for it. Highly recommend.

Great golf stick

It performs well and looks good to. The weight of the club makes it feel more realistic than others I’ve tried.

Excellent product

Fit Nicely in my hands. Being 6’4” the extra girth it adds fits perfectly. I also have the pro swing plus great club. Thank you for making wonderful products.


The attachment was as good as expected! Felt more like a real club than I thought it would. Easy to set up and great for the game.


Easy to install, works perfectly. Thanks for quick shipping!

Will return!

The ProSwing+ putter feels good and looks beautiful! Also, 3D printing is very cool to look at and feels like a product of the future. Well done HelloReal! I will be back to this shop for any other VR accessory I need.