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Excellent product

Fit Nicely in my hands. Being 6’4” the extra girth it adds fits perfectly. I also have the pro swing plus great club. Thank you for making wonderful products.


The attachment was as good as expected! Felt more like a real club than I thought it would. Easy to set up and great for the game.


Easy to install, works perfectly. Thanks for quick shipping!

Will return!

The ProSwing+ putter feels good and looks beautiful! Also, 3D printing is very cool to look at and feels like a product of the future. Well done HelloReal! I will be back to this shop for any other VR accessory I need.

Real Golf Experience

I’ve tried a few golf club attachments that were not built to last, but my latest addition was the HelloReal ProSwing with ProWeight attachment. Not only is the handle comfortable to grasp and hold, but the ProWeight attachment gives it the weight of a real golf club. Easy to swing. Highly recommended.

Really great build I love it

insane quality 👌 detail is great approx 12 quarters and the weight is awesome..thank you !! Bought twice and my left hand is on its way,the immersion is real, people! A must-have especially for anyone who has legally had experience with a handgun 🔫 incredible in all VR shooting games All of them !! They should sell these in Oculus store!!

Insane customer support

Feels absolutely great. I struggled to install the trigger and reached out. They got in touch with me within minutes!? Provided me with a picture tutorial and BOOM, I was ready for some immersive gaming.
Highly recommend the product and the seller!

Bit light but still great product

Holy moly was this a good choice. Love the color and feel, very high quality. Wish it was slightly heavier, but it's okay. Still a 5-star product for me.

Solid Design

It's amazing, I use it almost daily. Solid design, and the way it secures the controller are both excellent and genius. If you get the weight, all together it's pretty close to the real thing.

I'm in love!

Love, love, LOVE my SnowfoxPro! All the heart-eyes emojis. This thing is high quality, very well constructed. So many little details that make this pistol grip stand out above other brands, like the textured grip and finger grooves for a better hold, and the fact that you can fully customize the weight by adding as few or as many coins as you like. (I keep mine fully loaded.) These little features make it feel almost like the real deal. A few people have complained about the grip texture being too rough. If you've ever held a real pistol, they are also very rough. It helps you keep a firm hold so it doesn't fly out of your hands. ; ) Very easy to assemble and disassemble when you need to get your controller in and out, but feels very secure, no worries about the controller coming loose while playing. Comes with two trigger options as well! Have been playing Pistol Whip with this, and I feel like a total bad@$$! It makes it so much more immersive, feels like your shooting with a pistol instead of a VR controller, and the extra weight makes for a really good arm workout. Definitely worth the extra investment over some cheaper options out there! YouTube video placeholder
Great, lightweight putter!

If you're looking for something a little cheaper and more lightweight than the ProSwing, the ProGrip is a fantastic option! The handle is not as soft and smooth as the ProSwing, but it still has a nice feel. It's also lightweight, so it's great for games like Walkabout Mini Golf, where you're doing mostly small putts and you don't need a lot of force. Unique fidget lock mechanism wraps your controller wrist strap up tight and keeps your controller nice and secure! YouTube video placeholder
Beautifully Made!

Love my ProSwing+! The material on the grip is so smooth and nice to hold onto, and the entire thing is extremely well made. Nice quality product! The unique fidget lock mechanism to lock down the controller wrist strap is brilliant. I have no worries that I will lose my controller while playing. The ProWeight makes it a little heavier, which makes it feel more like a real golf club, which makes for better immersion! After playing Walkabout Mini Golf with this a few times, I played once without it and I sucked, lol. It just didn't feel right to swing with just a lightweight controller anymore. I'm using this every time from now on! YouTube video placeholder
Good product

Excellent product and super fast shipping!!!

Good customer services

I encountered a problem with the product I purchased and relayed it to their Customer Service who responded quickly and with my needs in mind. They came up with a plan that addressed my problem that was acceptable. I am extremely pleased with their fast service and help. Would highly recommend this company and its products.

Shows a lot of promise

The item shows a lot of promise. I have contacted the creators about passing some samples around to my VR group and I'm sure they will like them as well as I did. The idea of realism (immersion) in VR is important for more enjoyable gameplay and this item is a step in the right direction.


If you play a lot of VR golf you need this club . It makes all the difference in the world . I love the new weighted club. It's a must have if you really want to feel like you are swinging an actual golf club .


This product feels just like a golf club, and when combined with their optional weight make you feel like you have a real golf club in your hand. Completely transform the VR experience.

Good Idea

It’s a good idea but I’m having trouble keeping the controller from coming loose and that caused the battery cover on the controller to crack.

Great Golf Accessory

Simple and effective locking mechanism. Extra weight adds to the realism. Would definitely recommend.

SnowFox Pro / Meta Quest 2
Roy Westcott (ViscousTFishes)
Slow start, but great result!

These grips are fantastic, I put some duck tape around the grip of the "pistol" for better stability. It took about 2 hours to get used to the weight, but my accuracy has gone up about 16 percent. On Arizona Sunshine Horde Mode in the Canyon when I complete wave 20 my accuracy was around 52 percent, but now it is around 68 percent. Great product, thank you. Roy Westcott (ViscousTFishes)

A must-have!

Great customer service, very well designed, and feels real. A must-have!

Bought a second pair!

I purchased the left-handed pistol after purchasing the right-hand one earlier. These have a comfortable angle and provide great aim in Quest 2 Games. Very Satisfied (So happy with the first one I bought a 2nd!) Thanks!

Great product, product as described!

Fast shipping, very good! The goods are also very good, I like it very much

Tad bit expensive

Very expensive, but a good product