Golf club controller adapter | Quest 2 | Quest 1 | Rift S

Version (Find out below):

Standalone Golf controller holder for Quest 2, Quest 1, and Rift S.



    G2 version - Compatible with ProGrip 2.0 and 1/4" threaded pipe/shaft with 35/64" outer diameter.

    S1 version - Compatible with ProSwing S1 and 39/64" diameter flushed pipe.

    S2 version - Compatible with ProSwing S2 with 1/4 pipe with 35/64" outer diameter flushed pipe.

    ProSwing and ProGrip adapter:

    For ProGrip adapter replacement, please choose G2

    For ProSwing adapter replacement, please choose S1 or S2 (See model number in your cup)

    Controller holder includes:

    • Golf controller holder adapter
    • Spare wrist strap lanyard (For replacing standard wrist strap)

    Shipping & Handling:

    Orders will be shipped according to the shipping rate assigned to them. Please allow 1-3 days of processing time of business days(M-F)


    - Leaving your products out in extreme weather conditions such as intense heat may cause deformation in parts.
    - The textured grip handle is made with 3D printed durable plastic 
    - Please play responsibly, wear a safety lanyard, and be mindful of your play surroundings; we are not responsible for potential injuries or property damage should the attachments fly out of your hands during an intense session.

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